Portrait of a Girl

“Smile girl, don’t cry
Look pretty
Why so messy hair?
Girls aren’t supposed to look such dear!
Oh, so much anger
Suck it in
You must be gentle as a dove
Girls aren’t supposed to get angry love!
Don’t get fat
Stop eating
Girls must be thin
Be patient girl, don’t be so keen”

But why?
For how long?
I am sick of it
Every single bit
Why can’t I be messy?
Why aren’t I supposed to play with dirt?
Don’t worry, I won’t get hurt!
Try to leave my hand once
Let me fly
Let me soar in the cloud
Let me shout out loud

Don’t think that I am weak
I am just like him
Don’t know how society projects me
But I have right to fly free
I am not just her
With cloths full of pink fur
I am a warrior, a fighter
I will break free
Even though you tie my chains tighter
I am not patient
I am anxious
I am not gentle
I am me
I too feel angry

I am fat
I am not thin
I like to eat
Is that a sin?
Stop portraying me as a doll
Something beautiful to play with
But useless altogether
Something delicate as a feather
‘A weaker sex’ am I?
Or a fragile doll?
I don’t think you know me yet
You will be surprised, I bet.  

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