Women Power

Don’t think I am a coward
Don’t think I am helpless
Don’t think I am just a woman
A fragile thing hiding in a pen
Because I am a women
Walking proudly down the lane
Don’t call me a devil or even a bad omen
Don’t kill me before get born
Laugh and smile but don’t scorn

For I am the goddess Lakshmi, Durga and Kali
I am the divine power that you worship
Don’t ignore me or disregard me
For later you have to regret and be on your knee
I am not telling that I am superior
Or implying that you are inferior
Just mean there mustn’t be injustice anymore
And women mustn’t lie helplessly on the floor

Stop Chhaupadi , Jhuma and Dowry system
The tune of equality is what we need to hum
Against women violence we will tower
We yet have to show our undefeatable women power

Photo credit: Natasha Jha
Photo credit: Natasha Jha

Note: ( Click on the link to find more)

Laxmi, Durga, Kali: Hindu goddesses
Chhaupati, Jhuma and Dowry: A social tradition that patriarchy society has created which is suppressing women in its own way.

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