The Dying Soul

She is sad, unhappy
She is hurt
But you smear more scars on her
Instead of healing her wounds
She is lost and scared; alone
But you tag her as a witch
Instead of guiding her way back
She is treated with no mercy
So brutally that it hurts even to hear
She pleads and screams for justice
If she survives the torture
But deaf ears are turned against her
She is forced to accept the decision
Decisions made by the materialistic people
A materialistic compensation
She was angry and hopeless
She wanted justice not reimbursement
The cuts in her heart
The nightmares she’d had since that day
There are no costs for this
She wanted to yell and fight back
But her voice was silenced by the aching reality of her life
She was not capable to afford justice
Funny thing that now justice has its own price
Minorities are suppressed and justice for them is like a dream
A dream that crashes every time they open their eyes
She was helpless
She has no other option but to accept what is enforced upon her
She slowly walks away
Wiping tears that was her only friend
She survived but dies slowly
Her hopes crashing little by little
Her faith, happiness, smile losing its way
She survives, she does
But with a soul, a wounded soul
That dies every single second of her life

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