I ( Didn’t) Smile Back

She had said something
It hurt a lot
Then they all laughed
I smiled too

He said the same thing to me
It hurt again
But they laughed!
So I smiled back

This has been going on
For days and weeks
What should I do?
They laugh! So do I

But I don’t feel good
I get crippled by those words
Words like a sharp edged knife
Cutting me down till I bleed

Why do I smile?
Why don’t I fight back?
Because I am scared!
Of what? I don’t even know

Maybe I am scared to loose my… friends
NO! not friends
Afraid to loose company
Afraid of the loneliness

But I stand back up again
After I fall down
Dusting myself off
Getting ready to be cut open once again

Today, they said it again
They again started to laugh
This time, I did not smile
Slowly, their laughter ceased
My biggest fear was right there

The laughter replaced a deathly silence
You will loose them
NO! Fight Back!
You will have to walk heads down in shame
NO! You Must Fight Back

My conscience was playing with me
Blue, green, brown eyes staring at me
I was getting petrified
STOP! I shouted at last

Suddenly, the grim silence
Turned into my strength
I shouted “ENOUGH” with more confidence now
I walked out, head held high

They stared at me, in disbelief
There was still that silence
But I liked that silence because I was heard
This time too I smiled back
But this  time, I smiled for real!

There are rainfalls but it does not mean there will never be a sunny day.
There are rainfalls but it does not mean there will never be a sunny day.

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