As I Stand Up

I fell down
I stood back up again
Ready to be torn open once more
I thought
Time heals every wound
But I forgot the fact that dried wound , when opened again hurts even more than it had done before
Still I stood up
I was there
Shielding myself from the pain
Like a soldier in a war
My only weapon was my hope
So I shot bullets of hope
To the Pain
The Pain that has left me crippled
Pain, now lay before me
Like a wounded creature
With holes in its body
Pierced with the bullets of my hope
Blood oozing out
And with a small moan it stopped breathing
Pain had died; it was gone
I felt hallow; it was my only friend
But as Pain left
I found a new friend
Hope! My dear friend Hope
Now, when I fall down
I stand back up again
Not with the dead Pain
But with a new Hope     

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