A Few Years Ago

I remember myself
A few years ago
When I’d forgotten my lips could create a curve
A curve that could brighten my day
Like the brightly glowing bulb during load shedding at night
And the small flickering light when only darkness is in sight

A few years ago
I’d forgotten what warmth was
The warmth of a hot chocolate on your lips in a cold December day
Because for me every day was a December day
Without the hot chocolate
It was like cold had disguised itself as warmth
Like an evil lurking behind the cover of an angel in a masquerade ball

A few years ago
All I felt was pain
Falling down on the concrete floor
The gravel piercing my knee like needles during acupuncture
And the needle of a tattoo artist
Forcing me to mark my body with the black ink
Black as the cloud during thunderstorm
Scribbling hated, abandoned, unwanted and unworthy with its piercing needle

Photogrphy: Reeti K.C.
Photogrphy: Reeti K.C.

A few years ago
All I saw was my tears
The drops of translucent liquid pouring down my eyes
Caressing my cheeks and the salty taste in my mouth
The tears burning my cheeks during its fall
Like a drop of hot molten metal
Smearing a straight line from my eyes up to the bridge of my jaws
Forming a permanent scar on my face
Just a few years ago

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