Blood Stains

Since that day, you left me isolated
Like it was my fault he grabbed you from behind
You never even look at me now
Like I remind you of a nightmare
I lay in the corner of your cupboard
Unseen and hidden
Maybe it’s good for you not to see me
Because I remind you of the dark night
Dark… just like me

I still remember it vividly
You were walking fast down the narrow road
No one with you
Only me
Me and you
You and me
Walking down the road past that tree
Suddenly someone grabbed you from behind
You were petrified
So was I
You tried to break free but he grabbed you tighter
You screamed and kicked him
I knew you were a fighter
You started running
And so did I
But that man was stronger and faster
He stood up, ran and pushed you
You fell and so did I
Dust all over you and all over me

I could feel the earth
The little pebbles poking my skin and into your flesh
I knew it was piercing you
But I couldn’t be any thicker
Then he kicked you and you screamed
All was over, it seemed
He fell right on top of you
And you wailed, “Why?”
He laughed like a sadist
“Your little black shorts provoked me
Now why are you so shy?”

I was horrified as I heard the man
Felt like I’d been run over by a van
My mind was pounding with fear and regret
Fear because of the man in the dark night
And regret for I couldn’t be any longer
To conceal your long skinny legs from evil sight
I felt a rough hand on me
My emotions heightened because I knew what was coming
I tried my best to cling onto your waist tighter
But our bond was broken
Many other things too were going to get broken
Your flesh, my cloth
My pain, your scream
Your life, my dream

He threw me
Tattered on the dusty road
Like I was just a rag of cloth
And nothing more than that
Just like you were a play thing to him
Could do anything when the light is dim
You screamed again
He put his hands on your lips and your cries suppressed with the dark clouds that hid the light of the moon because even the moon was ashamed to the evil creature lurking in disguise of a man

He’d done his job
Left you scared on the now, not so dusty ground
Like a predator, a carnivore attack a dear
No, like a cannibal eating away only half of his prey
For you were alive but never fully lived
I know you still haven’t forgotten that night
I hear you sob and wail in your dreams
Dreams? No! Nightmares….
You’d stopped dreaming the night you got rapped
He haunts you
His sadistic laugh, rough hands, husky voice and that sweaty smell

I know you’ve not even forgotten his words
For you don’t look at me now
You are afraid that I would invite more evil to you
So you befriended with other species similar to mine
But the ones that could conceal you long skinny legs
Into its own fabric of cloth
They all blamed me for what had happened
And you too for choosing me
But neither was I to blame, nor were you
You don’t look at me now, that’s fine
But you don’t smile too
You were a fighter and even now, so are you
So please forget the blood stain that I contain
I just don’t want to see you in pain.


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