The World That I live In

I’m scared; scared to breathe one more breath in to live. Because I live in a world where people call themselves human but have no humanity.

I feel hurt when I hear news about girls being rapped, abused, accused and inhumanely thrown acids at. I hear about a six year old child getting raped, a fifteen year old being thrown acid at, middle aged and old women beaten, fed human excreta for being accused a witch.

I live in a world where travelling in a bus isn’t safe anymore (Delhi Rape Case), coming back from tuition isn’t safe because you never know, you could get acid splashed across you face (Basantapur Acid Attack). I live in a world where women strive to seek justice but fail, are uneducated and are still trapped in the four walls of the society. You might be wondering this world has many women leaders and women are developing but just try to look beyond the celebration of some successes. There are hundreds of stories where women are still losing battle in their lives just because they are women.

I’m not being a pessimist but just stating reality. We always tend to look at the bright side and that’s how it should be but what about the dark sides? We have enlightened darkness through our bright light but that bright light is not just enough to shed light on all parts. So, why don’t we find every single candle, bulb, tube light and all the illuminating objects to light the darkness so that there are no dark sides. The bright side’s light can shine even brighter on its own part after that!

I live in a world where anti-violence campaign and programs encourages more violence. Are they really that cunning to make their disadvantage as an advantage or so dumb not to understand the message? People aren’t people anymore. They have taken this transformation into a bloodthirsty monster, a sadistic one who is overshadowed by the darkness. I fear to live for I do not want to anticipate meeting these devils in disguise of humans.

I see people fighting back and even I’m trying through various ways that I can but out of the thousand that fight back there is this one person who thinks the other way. And this group of one person destroys the life of several girls; appeal of thousand voices goes unheard of.

I live in a world where an entire newspaper has at least one news story about violence. It’s not one day but every day. While you are celebrating the little success in your life, there is a girl being assaulted, while you are protesting against some kind of violence ( Acid Attack), there is this news of another violence ( a six year old girl being raped).

What kind of world do I live in? Probably the one where you don’t need to read fiction books for horror, tragedy, and thriller stories; you can simply turn the pages of the newspaper and absorb the words feeling every emotion of the victim. There can be nothing more dangerous place than the world I live in!

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