Every night as I close my eyes
I get lost in my big fantasies though I’m just a mice
I think and imagine my Utopia
A Utopia that I would create in my adulthood
I fantasize all night long
My life, as flawless as a melodious song

But sometimes I get scared
Find my Utopia with difficulties layered
I think about the melodious song of my life
The song which has its highs and lows too
Then again my thoughts wander around
To my abode where I am safe and sound

I accept that I would be in a place so new
Where the people I know would be less than few
I would have to jump out of my cot
And face the exposure
I know I would feel vulnerable somehow
But will be strong I vow

My life would take a new turn
Like a rollercoaster it will twist and churn
But I will enjoy the ride
Gain new experiences and make my Utopia alive
Singing the song with high and low pitches
Will conquer and defeat every dirty ditches.

Photo credit: www.wallpedes.com
Photo credit: http://www.wallpedes.com

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