Doodle Diary!

When your thoughts soar in the gusts like that of a colorful kite with its tail swinging like a merry child, ecstasy embraces you like a loved one parted for life-time. You try to recollect those moments of contentment giving full justice to the overwhelming memory that you’ve had. The paper that you’re scribbling your graphite lead hard on its surface, wild scribbles as the lead white spaces is captured with words and sentiments smiles back at you with contentment. That is the moment you realize why you’ve been there all this time, because you’ve got a story to tell, memories to share, moments to cherish and realizations to be made.

These stories are the stories that blooms beautiful flowers in winter and causes snow fall in summer. There can be no limitation to your stories and experiences, your thoughts and contemplations that you make in a day. Similarly, I’ve come up with a segment for my blog called “Doodle Diaries”. “Doodle diaries” will contain my stories, experiences, realizations in the form of poems or short write ups.

Here’s how it goes. Every night I’ll write three describing words; the first word that struck my mind as soon as I woke up, the most striking feature of my day the last thing I thought at night. These three words will be the base for my write up and after a week of collecting my words, I’ll reflect on my week to write about the things that I’ve realized and learnt. I gave a really deep thought to this idea and I hope it works well for my self- reflection on the week to help me find answers. In this way, I can share my experiences and stories too. In addition, I hope to improve my writing skills. If you think this idea is fun, you can have your own Doodle Diary of the week and see how it goes on. All the best if you are thinking of doing so!pizap.com14291177557801

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