Power of Inspiration

Inspiration and motivation sounds like just some powerful words. But today, I’ve come to realize that it is not merely words. It does exist and is working gradually.
We are the protagonist of our life. We face various ups and downs in which our inspirations play its role. I am writing about it because today I understood the power of inspiration and encouragement. You see, while I was in school, majority of them knew me as “The Merit Card” girl or the girl “Good in Writing”. I was praised and said that my writing pieces were really good. I used to think that they were just playing their role as friends or family by encouraging me and making me feel good about it. I never took them as inspirations.

The last day of my school when I was in grade ten, two little girls whom I didn’t know had come up to me and told me to keep on writing as they loved my work. They said they would read when I publish it in the national dailies. I was overjoyed to hear those words. Then I was actually emotionally overthrown which disabled me to say anything as it was the last day of school. But now I think I should have given them a hug and said ‘Thank you” because they were my inspiration.

People like these little girls have been my inspiration to write all along. So, I want to express my gratitude to all those people who has inspired me directly or indirectly.
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Today when I am writing this, staring at my laptop screen, I just realized that all those positive comments from my parents, siblings, kins, friends, teachers and sometimes even strangers have made me the person I am today. They were my inspirations then and now too. I realized their importance when they were not with me especially my friends. Actually I joined new high school after grade 10 and I did not know a lot of people nor did they know me. It affected me as I thought I had lost my identity as someone who was anonymous. That was the moment I felt really upset, confused and inferior. Nobody knew me so I lost my motivation. Whenever my articles got published, I did not get the inspiration from my friends because they did not know about it. I felt there was no one to believe in me. Yes, I made friends but that was a bit later. Until then nobody was there to motivate me to write. Later I made some friends and they were really motivating. But somewhere during the time when I had no inspiration, I felt I was not worth it. That was the reason even though my new friends believed in me, I lost confidence in writing too which was the only thing I believed in. For me writing was not just a “talent” (as people phrased it) that I possessed, it was my outlet of emotions, my friend, secret keeper and the only way through which I could feel “not so inferior”. That moment when I doubted myself in my writing, I felt like everything got snatched away from me. I felt disabled.

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But later, I found people who believed in me and realized that they were there all along. It was me who had failed to recognize them. Their belief made me stronger, made me believe in myself. I felt confident again and I did not feel worthless. I had found my inspiration again, my inspiration to write.

Now, while I am reflecting my past, I came to know about the fact that I have never appreciated any of my inspirations. So, through this I want to thank everyone who has inspired me till date. People may not notice that they are inspiring someone or an individual is getting inspired by something, but while you reflect your past you will come to realize your push factor that made you the person you are today and believe me or not, they are your inspiration no matter how small.

Photo Credit: us.ownskin.com
Photo Credit: us.ownskin.com

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