Imprudent Heart

He had gifted me to her. Oh! How happy she was when she’d seen me. Her soft hands caressing my velvet skin was the best feeling ever. She’d hugged and thanked him for gifting me.

She looked so good when she wore me. My red netted skin overlapped her fair hands, neck and my cloth fitted perfectly on her. She adored me so much but I never knew the reason why; because she looked good on me or he’d gifted me to her. I wanted the reason to be the prior one but I have a feeling it’s the latter.

Cathy was her name, my owner and Mark; Cathy’s husband had gifted me to her. They were an amazing couple, perfect for each other, according to people you see. It had been about seven year they had been married and both in their mid-thirties. As far as I’ve heard eaves dropping their conversation, they were high school sweethearts and later ended up marrying. Their love story was often envied and cited as examples by their old friends but I disagreed.

You know, Mark was not a nice man. He’d initially bought me to gift one of his girlfriends but as Cathy found me under the pillow, he’d pretended it to be a surprise for her instead of being caught cheating. He even acted getting angry with her for ruining his surprise and she had to apologize. She always apologized to him.

Cathy trusted Mark. She trusted him so much that if he’d said a red apple was blue, she’d believe him. She loved him and cared for him while he never really felt the same way.

One day, as usual, Mark had been to a party. “An office party”, he’d told her. He always had “office parties” where he never took Cathy. She was always alone and had to wait for Mark’s return. Sometimes she dozed off in the couch and other times she’d watch TV or listen to music to keep her awake. Nevertheless, she was always awake when Mark came home.

That day when Mark came home, Cathy had seen a long blond hair on his black tux but ignored it. I’d seen it too and knew what the hair was leading to but there was nothing I could do. The next day, Cathy heard Mark talk on the phone with a girl. Their conversation made the blond hair mystery clear and Cathy had now caught Mark red handed. I no more felt guilty about knowing the truth and doing nothing.

Cathy questioned Mark about the phone call. He first denied and tried to make an excuse that she was just a colleague. But after several denials and excuses, Mark admitted about his affair with another woman. He was such a shameless person that he showed no guilt in betraying Cathy. Rather he insisted on understanding his point.

“Darling, I know it sounds crazy but I love her. She is young, smart, fun and she has similar interest as I do. You on the other hand, have a totally different idea about everything. Maybe we weren’t made for each other. You are boring and my life is much better with her. I don’t want to hurt you and I think it’s best for both of us to separate. I will be living with Amanda from now on.”


I felt like slapping Mark that moment. It seems that Mark had met a girl, Amanda, at a party and fell in love with her. After Mark had said that, he went to his room for packing his bags. Cathy on the other hand was paralyzed. She could not even utter a word for her defiance. She fell on the ground, sobbing as Mark packed his belongings. He left without a taking a glimpse at Cathy.

Days passed, Cathy was still in utter disbelief and her trust was broken like that of a china doll, into such minute pieces that it was impossible to stick back together. But as time passed, Cathy began to accept the fact that Mark was not meant for her. She realized lamenting would only cause her pain and Mark would never come back even though she died of grief.

One day, it was heard that Amanda and Mark had had a row. They were not happy with each other and quarrel every single day. Cathy thought, ‘Probably Amanda is a bore to the jerk now!’Cathy had probably told that to herself but I was really happy to hear her words. She was over with Mark and that was what made me glad. There is no point in sticking to someone who doesn’t value your worth or respect your love if not love back. So, I looked up at Pearly, the pearl necklace that Cathy wore and smiled at her. Pearly smiled back at me.

It had been seven months Mark had left Cathy. One fine Monday morning, Rick, an old friend of Mark and Cathy came to Cathy’s house. He was taken aback after listening to the advent and was upset with Mark. He had come to invite them to a reunion party and in the end, he asked her out to come as his date for the party. Cathy agreed and after brief chat, Rick left promising to pick her up at 7 pm in the weekend for the party.

On that day, Cathy was very excited and happy. I’d never seen her so happy in a while. She got ready and wore the dress she adored the most; me. I was glad for the reason Cathy chose me was different. At 7, Rick arrived and they both drove to the party. After meeting and greeting old friends, Rick and Cathy joined their other friends in the dance floor. While the two were dancing, I saw Mark descend the stairs with Amanda. He saw Rick and Cathy dancing. His face and eyes reflected anger, jealousy, curiosity and regret. Cathy too saw Mark but ignored his presence completely and continued dancing. I was still staring at Mark and his face was the best thing that I’d ever seen since my manufacture.

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