Doodle Diary: Week 2

This is how we're staying
This is how we’re staying

So in the process of doodle diary, I never thought I would have involved a historical event in the world within the second week of my diary. The week was spent in the process of me dieting and watching videos to lose my weight. I never really cared about it but I had to have some medication for 15 days due to which I had a sudden weight gain. I felt myself feeling really heavy and unable to do regular work without huffing and puffing. That was the moment I decided to lose some weight, well actually go to my regular weight which is no less either. Anyways, after some days drinking lots of water, eating a bit less and some exercise, I was losing some weight, at least I thought I was. But everything changed yesterday. My daily routine of waking up, exercise and drinking lots of water was reversed.

I live in Nepal and as you might have heard in the news or read my previous blog that it was hit by a 7.9 Richter scale earthquake, I had the horrible experience of anticipating my cultural heritage go into ruins. I was lucky enough to stay just feet away from the demolished temple. We’ve had more than 80 aftershocks and it still has not ended. We’re being told that the danger has not ended and it will prevail for 72 hours. As I am writing this, we’ve already had 2-3 more aftershocks and again a 6.6 Richter scale earthquake around 1:00 pm. Now, after being hit these many times, the gentle shakes don’t even matter. We aren’t staying in our houses but camping outside in a field. The sun is extremely scorching and it’s really difficult for us. We had to spend the night the day before and yesterday night too. It was fine the day before but yesterday night it rained heavily due to which we had to shiver and huddle together. There were mild earthquakes yesterday night too or at least I felt the earth shaking. We’ve had two sleepless nights and I don’t know how many more to come! IMG_20150426_154403 more to come!

I don’t know what to say about this week. I am just in utter shock. I’ve been hearing news about people dying, some known others unknown, updates on the epicenter and news related to earth quake. I’ve probably realized about the worth of human life and that anything can happen anytime. Who would have thought that this could have happened to us? I remember myself yesterday morning dancing to party songs and hula hooping, without any care in the world. Just after a couple of hours later I had left the house with such excitement of showing my friend around Patan Durbar Square. But who knew I would have to hold onto a bench and shake vigorously watching the entire thing turn into dust?

There have been probably realizations about being prepared for natural calamity. I don’t know about other realizations as my mind is really not working well and as there have been sleepless nights full of fear I haven’t been able to have deep thoughts. But just for updating my Doodle Diary, I wanted to write this blog post. Just pray for Nepal and if you want to help, there are links to my previous blog post. I will be updating soon when the internet is working well.

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