Earthquake: Normalizing Things

I was in a deep sleep, escaping the earthquake horror the only way I can. I was able to forget everything for a while in the midst of the night when I heard a yell, “Earthquake! Earthquake!”   I lazily opened one eye and saw my elder sister dash out of the room in dark shadowy night. I didn’t even make an attempt to sit on my bed because the earthquake was of very low magnitude. I turned over, checked time in my cell phone, ‘only 3 am’ I thought and then got back to sleep. My sister and parents too probably slept after a while but they turned the light on incase it returns back.

I woke up only in the morning to find out it had returned back at 4 am and 5 am. But it was of low magnitude so it’s not even counted as earthquake or given much importance. Earthquake for us Nepalese has become normal, so normal like that of the rice and curry we have every day. People have probably accepted earthquakes and are no more scared of it. That is the reason they have left the field and went back to their homes though the aftershocks are still there. There is a rumor that it will continue for a month and no one would like to smell the mud and wet grass for a month. People would be more than glad to return to their normal social life than befriending flies and insects whose names I’m unaware of.

So, today, we decided to start our normal lives and returned to our houses. I was more than happy to enter my room. I cleaned my room, sat on my bed and felt that things are getting back to normal. I was finally able to sit in my desk and work with my laptop comfortably. I was elated when I heard that we would sleep in our own rooms. It was like a boon to me. But my happiness did not last long. As I was working in my laptop, I felt a tremor. I thought it was a small one and it was normal but the smaller one soon turned into larger one and everything started shaking. I ran downstairs to the garden. My family was already there and we stayed there for a while. After some minutes, we returned back to our rooms. It was 5:26 pm then. I went back to working in my laptop and again in 6:45 pm, I heard a loud bang!! Then there was this shake… I again had to run out to the garden. We stayed longer downstairs, probably for half an hour. I again returned back to my work and soon there was dinner. We had dinner earlier than before incase the quake might return.

My sister was most affected. She probably has earthquake phobia or something now because even if we speak loudly or open as door, she freaks out. She insisted on sleeping downstairs and had convinced my family too. My mom was asking me to sleep downstairs but my answer was NO! I know she did that because she cares and all but for how long are we going to sleep downstairs? For how long are we going to get scared and lose our minds? I seriously had got frustrated and thought I’d go to depression soon. Now, I am getting better and I don’t want to go to that phase again. The one week was a torture and I don’t want to face it for a month. So, as per my wish, we are sleeping upstairs in our own rooms.

Women LEAD Nepal and our project LEADER: Lead Education Relief
Women LEAD Nepal and our project LEADER: Lead Education Relief

I have got engaged in a project recently through Women LEAD Nepal. The name of the project is LEADER: Lead Education Relief. In Nepal, grade 11 and 12 students will have their final examinations soon but many have lost their books, notes and study materials. So, we will be helping these student victims by providing necessary study materials. If you want to find out more, visit our project, support us by liking our face book page and spreading the word too!! Here is the link:

A week has gone by and shops are now slowly opening, people are going out and everyone is trying their best to live a normal life or at least get back to their normal self. I am definitely talking about the city and locality where I live. The situation in villages still has not come to even semi-normal. They’ve lost their family members, houses and they are not getting any aid too. They are in distress and helpless. They are still mourning at the situation the country had to face. The city folks are trying their best to have normal lives right now but the country folks are in distress not being able to even have a grain of rice.

So help Nepal by clicking in the following links:

Now cleared field!
Now cleared field!
This one's for our project!
This one’s for our project!

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