Doodle Diary: Week 3

So, I don’t even know whether it is the third week or not but I think it is. Anyways, I’d mentioned in my first week of my doodle diary that it had been a roller coaster ride. But what did I know about the 7.9 and 7.3 richer scale earthquake would hit Nepal with aftershocks so long it still hasn’t ended. I didn’t know I’d be spending the rest of my days in a tent under the scorching sun and nights in the rainy, and full of insects (that I don’t even know that name of)in my  tent.

I’d never gone to camping before but I get the perfect picture of it. The only difference I believe is that you don’t have the danger of wild animals near your home. But I can’t argue with the fact that we believe earthquake to be an enormous monster with giant fangs and super powers that no super man has been born yet to defeat it. We believed the experts to be our superman but after the second earthquake, some of us have shifted towards religious interpretation. When people have wonder…

Okay, so my week began full of energy with the hope of living a normal life. No more nomadic life, that’s what I’d actually thought. But last Tuesday, while I’d gone to the kitchen to get some snacks to enjoy it with the anime series I was watching, the growling monster had awakened. It had come out of its shell and it shook again. While I was rushing downstairs, I fell down hard on the floor. That was the moment I realized, when you fall down during an earthquake, you cannot stand up. It’s like a magnet is pulling you down on the floor. I fell down several times in the attempt to stand back up again.  Finally I stood up and ran to the field. Later I found out that I had scraped some skin out of both of my knees. When the tremor was finally over, I ran inside to wash off the wound and came out to camp in the field, AGAIN! That was good bye to my normal life.

Since that day, I haven’t got a chance to enter my room, forget sleeping in it. As doodle diary is supposed to be a blog post about realizations, I realized something really important. I learnt about the value of one’s life to them. They may be like, “I hate my life. I don’t want to live anymore” and it’s funny because I used to be one of those people.  But both the times, I ran and hopped in the stairs while coming down so fast that I never thought I could have. I ran like I was being chased by bazillion wild animals. Anyways, you get what I mean.  I realized that I or anyone here values their life so much that you run, hop or do anything to save it.

I didn’t want the topic “EARTHQUAKE” not be in my blog and thought I’d go as per the theme but I’ve got nothing so mandatory to include other than that because I’ve been living my life as a refugee in a tent. These natural disasters not just take our life away but for those who’ve survived; it takes away our mind and soul every single moment with fear. No matter how strong you are, you are mentally affected. I thought I was so damn strong mentally because I thought I could control my mind. I’d controlled it for some time but now things are getting weird in my head. I freak out when I hear a loud sound, I feel the earth is vibrating 24/7, I don’t get hungry, it’s like I am fearing about something and I don’t know what. This feeling is exactly like the moment when you’re about to give an examination having butterfly in my stomach.

And the tremors have still not ceased and I wonder when we will have our normal lives back. It’s not just depressing thoughts that haunt you but raging thought as well. I am angry at the situation, nature and every single thing that I can be. There was a tremor while writing this last paragraph too so I had to delay it for a while. Any ways, let’s not be pessimist and hope for the best. I hope in few days time I will be peacefully sleeping in my room rather than in a tent waiting for death with sleepless night.


6 thoughts on “Doodle Diary: Week 3

    1. Thank you so much! Yes it was a terrible experience but things are getting better and many good things have happened too which proved Nepalese are resilient and can stick to each other through thick and thin. Yes, we believe God is there with us all the time, watching us and giving us strength to move on.


  1. Thanks for sharing you shaking experiences! Hope you getting back to a room to sleep in rather than a field or tent! Praying for you and all Nepal people! Your friend, near St. Louis, MO, in USA! Wanda Jackson

    From: Wanda’s iPad… Have a Blessed Day!!!

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    1. Thank you for the prayers Wanda. The love,prayers and blessings sent from all around the world has seemed to work for Nepalese. We’ve returned back our houses and everything has come back to normalcy though we still pray for the ones who lost their loved ones and houses. The after shocks have stopped and life is moving forward for everyone. xoxo
      – Reeti from Nepal.


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