I Want a Guy Who

I want a guy who says
Your smile is more beautiful than your pout
Jeans and t-shirt cuter than skirt
Your converse playful than your heels
Love the way your chubby skin feels

Photo credit: www.fastcompany.com
Photo credit: http://www.fastcompany.com

I love the way you boss me around
The way you tell me things
Because I know its not being boss
You are strong like my morning coffee

Sometimes when I fall weak you pull me up
And my friends question me
‘You let a girl hold you up?
Be a man, you are a HE!’ And then I turn to them
Smile and say,’yes and that girl is a SHE
Has an extra S for strong
If she holds me up, what’s wrong?

I want a guy who respects me
For my strength and weaknesses
For my ability and disability
A guy who believes in equality

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