Dreams of a Stubborn Teen

I don’t know why I never cease to dream. I get hurt many times because my ’big’ dreams usually doesn’t turn out to be the way I expected it to be. I feel upset, cry a lot and swear myself never to dream again. But probably this is the only promise that I’ve broken so many time that even I’ve lost count of it.

People say that when things get broken terribly, it cannot be fixed. My dreams have broken million times but I don’t think it has even had a scratch of pessimism.  Maybe my determination is too strong or I’m just a fool trying to take hold of the wind. Maybe I’m trying to run after something that can never be caught.  Whatever the reasons, I am more excited about the journey. I may reach my destination or the path to it can vanish in thin air. I am not afraid of it because I believe to make a path for myself, where I can leave a trail for people to follow. There is no fun in travelling the road which is often taken because you cannot leave your mark in such road.

I will build a road and even though I may not be able to take hold of the wind, I will defiantly be able to catch something incredible on the way. I think I may be stubborn but I believe a pinch of stubbornness is better than cowardice to run away from what you’ve always dreamed of.

Photo Credit: wallpaperswide.com
Photo Credit: wallpaperswide.com

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