3 Things I Realized Today

The intro is abrupt but I didn’t want to bore you with my silly talks. To the point now. Today we had a debrief session at Women LEAD. It was not as I thought it would be. It was so much better and I loath my expectations because Women LEAD is a place where you have no boundaries for being the “BEST” place, at least for me. It’s more like a home to me and I love spending time there. You always learn something new there and I love learning new things. Today too I realized many things and here are the top three realizations. ( I’ve never really done top 3 so get ready )

1. LEARNING ABOUT YOURSELF : I know it sounds weird but we feel we are a puzzle that neither you nor any one can understand. l too felt that I was a confused person trying to find a way out of the maze that I was trapped in. You know something? I should have STOPPED saying that I couldn’t have found a way! Because I did. Learn about yourself. Stay alone for a while and reflect, why it happened and how. You know yourself more than anyone and if you don’t believe in yourself and trust yourself , well I know its harsh… but NOBODY will. I learnt that in not a good way but now I believe that people believe in me. So, love yourself and believe that you can do things you could have never done.And sometimes, people need to tell you about it for you to realize who you really are.

2. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Well you know what? I was done with sitting in my room, watching like 3 movies in a day, listening to songs and surfing Facebook without a clue what I was hearing or looking at my news feed. Today, I realized that when I challenged myself, my capabilities grew. It was like finding a new ME because I did things I never though I could. It was a really good feeling when you find yourself out of that maze I was talking about. I will certainly challenge myself further and be amazed at what I can achieve. I generally have this pep talk about the challenges that I hope to accomplish with myself and guess what?? It actually works to help me boost my self esteem. I would like to describe the feeling of finding a new me as being touched by the first rays of sun when you were shivering in a dark cold winter. It may seem too dramatic but that’s actually how I felt.

3. SHARE / TALK WITH PEOPLE: I was someone or am someone who never really shares anything with anyone. I’m not talking about random talks about movies or silly chats you have with your friends. I know there are things you are dying to say which are beyond those talks about movies because it’s about you and how you are feeling. There maybe movie topics that you bring up to overshadow your thoughts but it’s a bad idea to do so. Talk with someone about how you actually feel. I know it’s like the toughest job ever, tougher than standing on one leg and juggling 10 balls singing songs of Bruno Mars backwards. Crazy right? As far as I know myself, I would have been ready to stand on one leg to do that crazy thing instead out saying how I feel. I felt it would be embarrassing and I wouldn’t be understood but you know what I learnt today?  When you have the guts to speak with somebody about your troubles, you don’t need to hear words like  ” I understand you” because when your tears roll down throwing the million kilograms of burden, you will see the eyes of your well wisher mimicking your actions. Those glistening eyes will embrace you and say words that you’d never heard in your life because those will be the words of trust and understanding that can only be felt. Just like the first rays of sun I was talking about. I learnt something else too, crying is not bad. Strong people cry too and well I don’t wanna be labeled emotionless anymore 🙂

Embrace the sky!
Embrace the sky!

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