(I don’t know why I wrote this poem but the words just guided me through each line)

When words turn out to be the hollow space where I no more want to escape from
When feelings start to be so bitter I no more want to feel
Because I am not aware what is happening to me
I feel salty liquid pouring down my hollow eyes
Where once dreams and rainbow clouds used to hover around
Where once I rode on a unicorn and flew on the clouds of wiped cream with
Buckbeak the Hippogriff that jumped out of the Harry Potter book

Now my eyes are… well I don’t know
It’s disappeared into the dark hollow space as words
The darkness swallowed the color of my dreams
Now there are no rainbow clouds or any color in it
I can’t see anything but darkness all around me
I hit darkness, push it and hammer its head on the wall
But why is it me who is getting hurt?
I’m bleeding and I can hear the menacing laughter of darkness
I get angry because I didn’t want to hurt myself
But when I look at the shadowy figure
I feel the resemblance to someone whom I know really well
When some light passes in the dark hole, I find a solid glass in front of me
And someone mirroring me on the solid object
Then I realize, I couldn’t escape the darkness
Because the darkness was no one else but ME!

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com
Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com

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