There are times when words cease to erupt in the large vocabulary that you posses
And the words you were so good putting it in the right places for statuses fails
Your lips quiver to find the right word you feel in Skype
Or the words on the white screen in Twitter seems too small for what you #hashtag

Your heart feels a satisfaction to stay in that abode for eternity
Your body feels weightlessness to fly instantly from the place you’re standing
You’re in a trance which feels like you’ve just visited a Shangri-la
These times, your vocabulary fails because it isn’t meant to be explained in captions, tweets or statuses, it’s meant to be felt and experienced.
From your eyes, ears and the whole of what you posses
Not from the four inch or 5 inch or any inches of LCD
Because god had gifted us a lens that can outdo resolutions of any MP’s that your little box has
God has gifted us emotions to express it with many other gifts as such
Which can never be felt with emoticons or emoji’s because I’m not really laughing when I send (laugh) emoji
My face is does not have any expression when I type colon and a ‘D’
Not even a spark in my eye to prove that I’m actually happy
Because somehow hiding behind the white screen has not only weakened my eye sight but my ability to feel
You can’t feel happy with a smiley emoji
Or typing LOL and #TimeofMyLife  means you’re actually having a good time
It just means you’ve forgotten to look at the sunset with your eyes and feel the sun going down instead of looking at it in a LCD screen
It just means you’ve forgotten to hug your friend and say happy birthday instead of posting a picture of them in their wall on Facebook to show people that you’re #BestFriendsForever
It just means you’ve remembered to update your status -feeling happy but forgot to update a smile on your lips to prove the words that you type in your “lappy”

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