Baby Girl

She comes to this world wrapped in blood and flesh
Breaking free from the cocoon
Loud shrills and cries, she’s alive
Is it a curse or a boon?

Gloomy face
Grand pa make
‘A beautiful child’, a smile he fake
Mommy’s in pain
Daddy’s insane
Pre-delivery ecstasy gone in vain

For it was skirts and long hair
Nail polish, soft voice, love and care
It was a husband’s wife
Not passage to heaven after life
It was monthly blood and pain
Untouchable, weak and insane!

Daddy’s confused
Nurse is amused
That mommy is being accused

‘She brought that thing instead of my grandson
Does she think it’s a pun?’
Whispered furious grand pa to his son

Little baby’s sleeping
Grand pa’s stare creeping
Her daddy’s speechless state

Daddy stares at his skirt and long hair,
Nail polish, soft voice, love and care
And says,
‘It wasn’t her mommy
She didn’t know what’s in her tummy
A baby boy or girl
But I don’t care
For I’m in love with her beautiful curl
And she’s a boon, our baby girl
Comes out from oyster, a beautiful pearl
And she’s also pants and short hair
Football, dirt but love and care
Maybe a husband’s wife
But also my life
Anybody hurt her, I dare!’

Daddy goes to mommy
Smiles, kisses her forehead
Holds her baby
Smiles again
For little bundle of joy gain .

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