Stalker Alert!!!

Dear Stalker,

You haunted me like a ghost of the past, lingering in my social media, and raining unwanted comments like a monsoon in autumn when I wanted to shed you like the dead dried leaves on the ground. I admire the beauty of autumn too but you blew yourself towards me like a dust off the ground. The dust may hurt my eyes or catch my attention for a while but you’re just a dust that I’m going to wash away with water.

You invaded my abode like a terrorist, firing shots to grab my attention even more. But I ignored you like a leech sucking blood for it is its nature to do so. Still, like a bloodsucker, you did not stop your attempts, even after sprinkling salt all over you. Either you were unaware of its capacity or you were immune to its effects.

For now, you are silent like the sea before a storm but I fear not your rain of bullets or your stormy silence because I stand shielded by courage in front of your fragile attempted storms, ready to defeat you like a hurricane, stronger and fearless.

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