Every year I tend to share some words
About the year that has passed by
Like light trails
Silent ocean sails
Riding a barbaric dragon
Hanging on its multiple tails

An exuberant journey of 2015
Falling down
Standing back up
Regrets and realizations
Living dreams into reality
Accepting abnormality

Old tears shed
New smiles treasured
Fleeting memories
Growing every year
Like branches of trees
Planted in my heart and soul
Filling whole hole

Numerous new stories welcomed
Shared by the protagonists
New lives connected
New memories made
New tales said
Their names in golden
In pages of my diary laid

Now it’s time
For yet another dragon ride
Barbaric or tamed
Into the clear sky that’s beseeching
Into into its clueless void
Like a valiant warrior
Thrilled by fear of uncertainty!

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