There are many complex things and issues to understand that we sometimes tend to ignore minute things. It’s like we learn about space and constellation but forget about atom from which everything is formed. Contemplating about simple things and ignoring the fact that I live in a structured society where there are functions that I have to perform as a puppet in this social show of set norms and responsibilities, I’ve come to think about things that I’d been ignoring. Maybe I was ignorant or maybe I was too caught up to catch the fish that I forgot to learn to fish.

Birth is the most beautiful thing, a witness to a miracle but as soon as a baby is born, everything becomes so complex. The baby is not just a little crying bundle of bones and flesh but a number in demography of the nation. The baby has an ascribed status with the nation, as a nationality of that particular nation. To be more specific, a part of the state, town, community, family, they are born in. Everything plays a vital role in their life because it’s the key to shape wet clay. We are bound to do things just because we ought to do it. There may not even be any rational explanation to it, but we do it to play our part of role in the social show.

A person is never a person; they are a community, a caste, a race, a gender, a group bound in the functionalist theory of organization and institutions. They strive so hard to fall into the social structure created that they are no more an individual. They are a part of something that they may not even want to be but cannot break free from the ascribed status created. Some are punished with discrimination for being a part of something they may never want to be a part of. No wonder words like sexism, racism are quite popular.

An individual can never find their individuality because for an individual, the feeling of own-ness towards a certain group surpasses all that individual thoughts they can have. Well some may think about Robinson Crusoe who went into abandonment but it’s not that easy. People are born and the moment this happens, there are webs of complexity to wrap you up in its cobs and a spider of social entities to devour you like a puny little housefly. That’s what it is, not living but fulfilling functions you ought to and creating a set of norms and rules resulting into stereotypes and loss of individuality.

Today, I thought hard about the simple rules of life. I thought about why I open up my eyes in the morning and unconsciously grab my tooth brush to brush my teeth? Why I speak the language that I speak? Why I eat the food that I eat? Why I go to college every day? Why I smile when I see someone I know on the way? Why the place I live is so familiar to me but as soon as I get out of the gate, the level of unfamiliarity increases and the level of comfort decrease?
I wondered about family and why I don’t want to see them in trouble and why do I feel more pain when they are in pain but not when my neighbor’s family is in pain? I wondered about every possible thing that I do daily for no reason at all and the more I think, the questions multiplied without seeking any answers. But I realized one thing in this process, never to underestimate a thread in a dress because that’s what it’s made up of.

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