What love means to me!

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Love; a word with multiple meanings attempted to define by many. Some definitions seem to fit in the exact spots in your heart like a jigsaw puzzle while some may need custom changes to fit your situation. Love is very subjective just like another enigma; life. Well, I don’t want to define love but I do want to highlight what love means to me.

Love to me is the most sought and thought. Whether day or night, love brings the extra spark and light. Love is warm like the bed in winter mornings; I never want to wake up from. Love is smiling and laughing on the road, in my room, or anywhere actually because the thought of being loved brings happiness unlike anything else. Love is like a cotton candy; very light and melts on the lips like it was meant for it spread it’s sweetness and get lost in me. Love is opening up with the craziest version of me. It’s accepting who I actually am. Love is being happy for no reason at all.

But love is frightening. It’s like a black rose, its beauty to be admired but the darkness to be feared. Love is a beautiful beast, charming like a snake charmer, its hypnotic and a mystery, even Mr. Holmes of 221 B Baker Street was unable to solve. Love is a Pandora’s Box, letting loose of all my weaknesses and making my biggest weakness my strength. It’s terrifying but everyone has that little Indiana Jones hungry for adventure, capturing and living with the dark adventures and do I. Love is a sacrifice; sacrifice to the emptiness I’d been feeling for so long. The hollow in me fills with thrill and flutters of wanting more love.

Love is feeling a fragment of me onto others, like the horcrux of Voldemort. Love is having a metal vest on my chest because I feel strong like a warrior. I feel that cold sliver sword on my hand and hear the hoarse scratch on the path that I walk on. Love is feeling strong, ready to defeat any battle, knowing you’ll have your back covered. Love is trust, knowing I won’t be hurt even if the sharp blade’s on my neck. Love is the air when I’m choking. Love is the reason I’m alive.

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