Reality Check!


The 19 summers that I’ve enjoyed watching TV shows, 18 springs with new hopes, yet another 18 autumn with fallen hopes but finding beauty in darkness and 18 winters with warm blanket and fiction books shaping new dreams for the next fall was all a lie.

I’ve entered my last teen year and it sucks. Growing up, understanding life, unwinding the puzzles of life with experiences was supposed to be beautiful. It should have been adventurous like Dora: the Explorer. It should have been with a Genie granting wishes to Aladdin like in The Arabian Nights and I should have been beautiful and fair like Snow white in Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs. But it’s not and that’s why it sucks.

I grew up with all these unrealistic expectations that life would be easy and beautiful. The most common phrase I’d heard was “life is not a bed of roses”. So you have to be strong enough to face the sly fox like Dora and say, “Swiper No Swiping!” three times and the sly fox would say, “Oh man!” turning away. I didn’t realize in real life Swiper would not turn away, give an evil grin, and punch me in the face taking what is mine.

Every time I watched or read these fables, I imagined myself to be the protagonist of the fairy tale. I dreamed and created my own world of fantasy. “I’m a crazy dreamer”, I would identify myself. I have developed a beautiful picture, framing it in my mind with precious jewels. Unlike its nature, the jewels are rusting like I was silly enough to consider an ordinary metal some precious jewel. It is breaking into small chunks, taking away my picture perfect life with it.

My dream was a lie; a filthy prank I’d played with myself like every day was April 1st. Growing up is ruthless killing all the imaginary characters and destroying your fantasy world. It makes you selfish, envious, vain and gives you a reality check,

“Dear Participants,
Welcome to this program called ‘Life’. Everything has been preset for you so manual programming is forbidden. If anyone is caught anticipating this action, they would be boycotted and thrown out. We would like to inform you that the program you recently participated called ‘Childhood’ is no more in your system. The chip has been destroyed and we’ve set you with new chip called ‘reality check’, so you can no more fly in the sky because the gravity pulls you down. You also cannot avoid fighting for what you want because there is only survival of the fittest. Oh and Dora, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Snow white, Santa Clause and anything magic does not exist.
All the best participants; you’ll need it.”

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