Triplets of Realization

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The couple of days have been quite tough for me battling with realizations that I’ve had but not wanting accept the fact that I’ve realized it. Realizing something and accepting it is quite tough, at least for me. You know something is true but you don’t want to accept it just because it will change the ways things were going. When you feel you are in an abode but actually, it’s just glitter and not gold, it’s hard to face the truth. So, finally after days I’ve had the guts to admit the changes, deal with whatever shit happens in life and accept the following realizations.

  1. You make yourself feel beautiful and not others.

Probably about some weeks ago I’d updated a poem in my blog called “You make me feel beautiful” where I’ve described how the compliments and love of other make you feel beautiful. Thoughts are radical, and so is mine. Anyone cannot make you beautiful unless you feel it from deep within your heart. The compliments are temporary and like the thin coat of paint in a room, when it fades away, you feel lonely and lost. I realized that you ought to stand up for yourself, take care of yourself because at the end of the day, it’s YOU who’ll be with you. So hating and making an ugly image of yourself in your own mind poison your thoughts. It just weakens you so we ought not to get swayed away.

  1. DONOT forget your past realizations

I know I just said thoughts are radical in the above point and past realizations may not apply to you but most of the times it does. When you think about it, things you’re having difficult to accept have already been accepted by you before. You just need to dig deeper within yourself. I actually got inspired by my own blog post “3 Things I Realized Today”.  I was the one to write that post but I’m not same anymore. I was stronger and powerful but somehow along the way, I got quite weak, fragile and vulnerable to the ills that could have caused me to fall back down. But I am inspired by the person I was back then and would definitely work to gain my strength back.

  1. Loneliness is scary but learn live alone

Most people are scared to not have anyone behind their back. It is very natural feeling to feel safe with people you love but you have to learn to live alone. You NEED people to be with you, to share your happiness, sadness and support you when you are weak. I realized that you ought not to be vulnerable to being dependent that loneliness scares that shit out of you. You should not let the empty feeling bother you because you’ll feel it at least once in your life when you’re exposed to being alone; all by yourself in this monstrous world and you wish to have someone by your side. Prepare yourself for all odds and be one man army. It does not mean forget everyone who love you but just try to be strong when the time to be independent comes.



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