Letter to the man I love the most

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Dear Love,

You were an apparition of perfection when I first glimpsed upon your untamed curls. I stole glances for my smart phone and so did you but both dull enough to realize reasons behind meeting of our eyes. We parted unknown of even each other’s names. You were a fleeting memory in my mind but I’d already missed the opportunity of meeting you that day.

Small world; we often remark but I felt it only the time when I received a second opportunity to quench my thirst of taking a second glimpse at you. We shared the same glance that we had done before but this time I noticed the beseeching sparkle in your eyes.

Gradually you became a part of me that I could not live without. You transformed from an apparition to autumn wind. You blew me away like the golden leaves separating me from reality and swirling in your own aerial world. I was dancing in your little symphony of breeze. Sometime you swept me away far beyond the clouds and sometimes almost thrashed me to the ground but then again lifted me up.

Your eyes behind those black rimmed glasses look at me gently caressing me with just your glance. Your every touch turns me into a wax candle and you my fire, melting and creating an enigmatic form ever so rare.

Darling, neither can I promise sun, stars, Milky Way or even universe at your feet nor can I promise platonic legendary love. I am a simple girl and I can just promise to fight every challenge with you bearing pain of as many bullets as you get. I will never leave your hand once I’ve held it. I will keep holding it tight until I don’t hold you up. But if you decide to choose a different path, I promise to smile and wave good bye for a wonderful journey ahead. I believe every romantic legend don’t have to end up dying together but living even though on separate ways. I will love you always together or apart.

Yours only,
Anonymous lover

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