International Reporting

Reporting is the art, skill, business and the profession of gathering information for immediate use. International reporting means reporting of news that takes place outside of their country. John Maxwell Hamlinton’s ‘Journalism’s Roving Eye is about a specific kind of news gathering ie. Foreign correspondence that rose public interest on abroad even before internet. Usually, foreign correspondence are sent to other countries.

This kind of reporting brings one of the most oppressed countries to the rest of the world. Before internet, it was a source to know news about abroad. It is also written to gain readership. There are a lot of risks though. journalist have a risk of getting attacked, murdered or arrested while covering news. Reporters cover news in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Baharain, Libia, Syria, Iran and Pakistan where there are a lot of chaos. The Committee to Protect Journalists ( CPJ ) reports that Iran is the worst with 20% increase in jailing of journalist.

There are various qualities required for international affairs reporting journalists.They must have education degree ( on Journalism or Mass Communication).They must have experience. They should have already worked for local and national news source. They should have fluency in language. They should also be able to adapt in any culture to avoid cultural shock. And last but not the least, they should be ready 24/7.

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