Hey You, Again!

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Hey You,

I often find myself smiling amidst the tears that I shed sometimes. I smile remembering you and enjoy the warm cozy feeling in my heart the moment your thought strikes my mind. Every second spent with you is priceless. Not just your words but even silence with you is beautiful. I learnt to be happy from little things in life from you.

Your shoulders are my abode to rest my head peacefully and you slowly calm my scattered thoughts with every touch of your palm on my head. When I find myself perplexed, I remember you and yet again as you make me smile, also taking away the perplexed thoughts with curve in my lips. Your tight embrace shields me from everything that could hurt me and you find the perfect words to calm me when drops of tears roll down my cheeks.

Your silly childish act makes me fall for you even more. I replay every moment spent with you again and again never getting bored with those moments but treasuring it and never letting go of it. Each second spent with you create a beautiful memory for me to turn back and smile, also look ahead for many more to come.

Hey you, you’re more than special to me. You’re super duper special.


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