Hey you! (Part 3: Falling for you)

pon_and_zi13 (1)

Hey you,

Words have started failing how I feel about you. The metaphors, similes and other figure of speeches that I used are not capable to quite capture my feelings. Yet again, I’m trying my best for words to understand the essence of feelings that I experience with you by my side.

When I’d met you, love was a dark mystery to me because it seemed beautiful but like a ginger bread house in Hansel and Gretel, it was shelter to an evil witch preying to eat you up. It was scary and haunting. So, with you it was not love that I was anticipating but just a warm feeling of being there was all I expected. You were the warm cinder of fire for me in the corner of the cold dark alley that I found myself in. You came to me as a well-wisher, a friend and a company to be with me forever.
‘Forever’, I was afraid of this word because nothing lasted ‘forever’. But like a snake charmer, you enticed me in your spell.

I was a drunk on the road, tripping when I thought of you but unaware of the fact that I wasn’t just tripping, I was falling for you. I was falling for my snake charmer and somehow I gathered up enough strength to walk past the gates of the dark mystery called love.

Maybe it was the way you looked at me and smiled or the way you embraced me never to let go. But hey you, I’m tripping and I’m falling for you!




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