Hey You! ( Part 4: Still Falling for You)

large                                                                                                                                            Photo 

Hey you,

Every since I’ve met you, I’ve found a friend so dear; I’d never anticipated it to come from love. Love was a mere dream and friendship in it was a fantasy which I thought would never be possible especially with someone like me. It takes years for me to open up but with you, seconds seems like eternity and awkwardness wears an invisibility cloak. Even silences are comfortable as I often lay my head on your shoulder and close my eyes to embrace another world of unending possibilities. That world seems better when I’m resting my head on your arms.

My heart experiences a warm cuddle when I see you, like your heart intertwined with mine when my small brown eyes meet your big brown ones. I like to steal your glances and the curve on my lips spreads when my eyes beholds your perfect eye lashes on your beautiful eyes, the little scar on your long slender nose and the puckering lips that often teases mine.

I often notice the little things you do too. I notice the little pulls and tugs in the bouncing public vehicle, the smile that changes in different situation, the way you embrace me so tight and sometimes I do notice you stealing my glances and smiling.

Everything you do stops my heartbeat once in a while like I’m experiencing free fall but maybe I am because hey you, I’m still falling for you.

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