Hey you! (Part 5: I Miss You)

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Hey you,

The free fall isn’t fun anymore. I’m scared and afraid of the circumstance that I might encounter. I’m afraid of falling so hard, never to be able to pick myself up again. The free     fall is churning my belly and the butterflies aren’t fun anymore. It’s fear, that’s building up deep within me.

It isn’t a fun play, nor is it warm. I feel the cold that is in your heart, and slowly the chills are making me weak. Moments and memories created aren’t for both of us now. I sit there, trying to hug you so tight that all the cold in your heart melts, being pricked by the icy thorns again and again until I cry blood. I’m afraid now because it’s not us but me, trying to create us. I’m afraid to fail and surrender my warmth to your cold heart.

You’re slowly turning into an enigma that haunts me during the night. But I’m trying my best for a new sunshine, a new day but the old you.

Hey you, I miss you.

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