Hey you! (Part 6: Goodbye: The Finale)


Hey you,

Words are failing to describe how I’m feeling because I’m not feeling anything at all. I was a closed book of emotional turmoil that you opened so gracefully. I was scared because my heart was a Pandora’s Box that invited trouble, heart ache and spread weakness all over my veins with the blood that rushed through my body when I met you. My heart started beating and with every beat, it echoed your name again and again. First it was a silent whisper, then slowly as each beat and pacing of my heart, your name started getting louder until it echoed in the empty heart and filled it with you and your warmth.  I thought you were the rainbow after rainfall; with every page that you opened, you printed letters and words that were ticking me as the nib caressed my pages and black ink carved beautiful words. But slowly, you got confused and the nib stopped, pressed hard on me, dark spot on my beautiful page, slowly the ink spread all over the page with black ink.

I was terrified and in pain. I screamed and cried but you were so lost in your own confused world that you forgot about me. You got agitated and started scratching all over the pages, I asked you to stop but you replied, ‘That’s what I’m feeling so I’m telling you the truth”, but those were not words to me, it was violent scribbles that hurt me and wounded me. I still thought that maybe beautiful words will cover rest of the pages but the scribbling was not stopping and I was in pain.

That was the moment I decided not to feel. I closed my book and every page securely so that you cannot ever scribble at me. I closed all the emotions and sucked all the pain in like I never felt any. I closed the Pandora’s Box and for good. All these ‘Hey you’ series described the butterflies and warmth that I felt but I’m afraid those are just words now, never to be felt but something to reminiscence about in the walk of life.

Hey you, I trusted you to be the hope after my hurricane, but you were the tornado that not just blew me but tore me part.

Hey you, Goodbye and Thank You!

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