Hey You! (Special Edition)


Hey you,

You might be wondering why the smiles changed to blank faces, butterflies changed to awkward situations and the late night chats faded in the darkness of the night.

I wonder too. I don’t know how I feel or what I would say to you if we were ever to exchange words. Should I thank you for teaching me to be myself? (Definitely the hard way) Or should I be mad at you for creating a world for me and slipping away leaving me alone there?

I don’t know if you ever wonder about what we used to be but I do… sometimes. I won’t deny I miss you being there, even though doing nothing, just the thought of you being there was enough for me. Now, I feel empty; empty but happy to quit being the piece of puzzle that didn’t fit in your life.

I must be selfish to want the temporary warmth for the cold that had frozen me before. I thought the fire would last. I’m sorry I didn’t notice under the veil of my vanity that for you, the spark had died. The fire was gone.

I miss you but I don’t regret what happened because neither could you fit in the piece of my puzzle, nor could I, even though if we were to try for eternity.

I don’t know anything right now, whether writing this is a good idea, or even thinking what I think is a right. I’m torn between the right and the wrong though I know one thing. Hey you, the awkward silences are more awkward than it sounds and the fake smiles are tearing me apart.

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