The Most Awaited: KIMFF

kimff-dec-8Almost everyone loves a good film. ‘Good’ can be a subjective word. Everyone has their own definition of good as per their interest. We love to know about nature, adventure, lifestyle, wildlife, environment, gender and so on. Even though we may not be able to experience everything ourselves, we enjoy watching about things we’re keen to learn. Hence, KIMFF (Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival) has been grabbing a lot of attention these days.

KIMFF began from 8th December, 2016 and would continue up to 12th December, 2016. In these five days, KIMFF would screen a wide selection of films – alpine documentation, archival footage, adventure cinema, experimental shorts, commentaries, anthropological narratives, feature films, etc.

Organized by Himal Association, KIMFF started as a non-competitive, biennial festival in 2000, the festival has attracted not only filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and critics, but also scholars, journalists, activists, and mountaineers. It has been inspiring young film makers and students.

“Extreme sports, adventure, religion, or distinct cultural practices, human beings  relate with mountains in a myriad of ways. In a world whose character and landscapes are rapidly changing, our relationship with mountains is only getting broader, subtler, and more intricate. The growing diversity and complexity of this relationship is what Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) seeks to explore.” – KIMFF

KIMFF not only screens but also creates a platform, a forum for filmmakers, scholars, and everyone to gather criticism, views and also answer questions.

Travelling KIMFF

KIMFF also travels to different parts of the world and Nepal to spread the beauty of film making through culture, art, adventure and all the other things. It had reached 47 districts of Nepal out of 75. KIMFF was staged in Hongkong and Macau for the first time in 2015. Canada is also on the list of travelling KIMFF.


KIMFF collaborated with different other film festivals in 2015 like Toronto Nepali Film Festival to give an international platform to the Nepali Filmmakers. It marks that Nepali filmmakers are not only increasing in numbers but increasing in quality too. The collaborations happened in New York, Toronto, Hongkong, and Macau.

Short Film Competition

KIMFF initially had no competition but slowly as the years passed by, film making competitions started emerging. This year, the theme of the film making contest is, “Strengthening Nepal’s Public Services”, which should be about 3-5 minutes. The movies has already been shortlisted this year and 7 films has been shortlisted.

Hence, KIMFF is one of the most awaited film festival for film makers, aspiring film makers, anthropologist, mountaineers and others who are interested to know about different things.





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