To the man I love the most


Dear love,
How are you? It’s funny how time changes the words that escape quietly from your lips and I should ask you question as petty as this. I do know how you are and we do talk but the ice cold pillar between us has kept us separated like oil in water.

Time is strange, ruthless and strong. We lost track and the hands that held each other just press some letters in the phone to make that “ting” sound that I crave to hear. Once, those were the phones where I’d hear your voice for hours. Now, I have to crave even for the simple pop-up message that rarely comes.

Love, I know you’re there, somewhere, because I see your presence in the virtual world but you’re lost, faded in the life that I swore I would spend with you a winter ago.  I don’t really know how I feel, really. I do love you no doubt, but as time passes by, only the memories remain with me but I’m scared. I’m sacred to forget how your hand felt in mine, how your touch melted me and how every time you looked at me; my heart would beat a second faster.

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad to forget the touch that I longed for. I have to forget it someday but I don’t want to. I’m just trying to straighten the mess in my head. I crave for you in every one, a curse that I accepted which hurts me when I find you missing in the other person.

Love, I know I will never be able to forget you but I’ll try. I think it’s time that I forget about the love that I sought from you because … I don’t know. I just should.

Dear love, I’ll miss you.

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