You will heal!

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Every day I open my eyes with utter confusion of how I will be able to fight through yet another painful day. I search for an anchor to hold me up from going into the dark sea that I’ve always feared of drowning onto. Some days the anchor holds me while someday the anchor fails to hold me up and I drown, choking and gasping for air. Do you know what I feel when I’m drowning? I feel the urge to live, struggle and come out of the water.

I’m not a warrior, fighter or a super-girl. I’m a simple girl trying to move forward in life with her dreams and goals in her little green bag full of badges that I adore.

I’ve fallen and scarred myself really bad, cried day and night for years, thought about giving up and ending it all but I’ve never given up. I know there are days of pain and sorrow but I know that as time passes by, the scars will heal and the tears will dry.

I defied myself saying that the scars were not physical ones where nature could work its way out and the scars were in my heart. But the scars of the heart heal too; it just takes a little longer. You will be alright in the end. Just be patient, you will heal!

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