Through the corners of my eyes I sneak glances of you. Little at a time to satisfy my wounded heart with poison of you. The poison seeps in through my eyes to my brain and every part of my body paralyzes. The open wound of my heart willingly accepts; the pain like a hot iron rod passing right across my body.

The urge to walk through the crowd, hug you to heal the pain was so strong but you and I were strangers.

I was a stranger who knew that you loved the extra chilly in your mushroom stick but always requested the waiter to make it non-spicy just for me. I was the stranger who knew you could not have soda but always took a sip or two just for me.  I was the stranger who knew that your ‘hehe’ and ‘haha’ meant two different things, the different ways you called me meant different things and how you, despite of having a bad day still managed to be cheerful.

I was that stranger who knew what each blink of your eyes, the different curves on your lips and every tattoo on your body meant. I was the stranger who listened to your favorite song more than you did and the one who felt more pain when you got hurt.


A stranger unaware of your present and future. A stranger who realized that all those moments and talks were a lie. A stranger hidden somewhere in your past that you despise talking about, a stranger from that past that you’ve forgotten long before.

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