Dear Troubadour

Dear Troubadour,

Your words caught me off-guard as you slipped closer to me and the soft whispers of your lips touched my skin, blessing my ear with playful music. I felt the gentle breeze as you came closer, making my heart unsteady like little fireworks erupting and falling to my belly. I felt the sparkles touch every part of my skin till little goose bumps popped up of excitement. My body sought more of the gentle music in my ear.

Oh, my gentle troubadour, your words float from your lips to mine losing myself in the serenity. I would like to feel the abode again and again until it is the last sound I hear till my last breath.

Alas, I cannot dance to your music forever. A troubadour you are and your music will change, so will your words be replaced with something not for me. I must let you go for you travel places and play your beautiful tune enchanting travelers on the way. I was your roadside audience and now I need to let go off your gentle music. I hope you could stay troubadour but I’ve learnt in life that you cannot take hold of people who aren’t meant to stay.

I bid you farewell dear troubadour, today in this summer day. I hope you warm and shine everyone’s day even in wintry frost like you did in mine. Farewell to you and my beating heart.

Yours only,
The Silent Listener

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