To the Man Who Made Me Stronger

Dear Man, I haven’t cried. It’s been sometime. Your memories have stopped causing bruises in my heart. It has stopped hitting where it hurts. NO! I haven’t forgotten you and do remember every moment spent with you. But I’ve forgotten the feel of your hands over mine. I’ve forgotten about the butterflies in my belly... Continue Reading →


Girls Like Me

Dear People, Today I dare to write about girls like me. Girls like me who don’t bother to look at the mirror the whole day maybe because she doesn’t want to look at herself, hating to look her herself OR girls like me who constantly look at the mirror to just check once if the... Continue Reading →

The Black Ink

I held it tight; the long cylindrical body gripped neatly around my thumb, fore and middle finger. I let the vintage nib press lightly on the pale yellow paper. The black ink dance across the page and I let it unravel myself to him. “Dear you, When I first caught your glimpse months ago, I... Continue Reading →

The letter ‘i’

The letter ‘i ‘is a poem about the lives of girls compared with the letter ‘ i’ to show that they don’t have the power to choose their identity. Everything is pre-decided. I am expected to be a small ‘i’ The lower case In my place I am expected to be a small ‘i’ Timid... Continue Reading →

Dear Troubadour

Dear Troubadour, Your words caught me off-guard as you slipped closer to me and the soft whispers of your lips touched my skin, blessing my ear with playful music. I felt the gentle breeze as you came closer, making my heart unsteady like little fireworks erupting and falling to my belly. I felt the sparkles... Continue Reading →


Through the corners of my eyes I sneak glances of you. Little at a time to satisfy my wounded heart with poison of you. The poison seeps in through my eyes to my brain and every part of my body paralyzes. The open wound of my heart willingly accepts; the pain like a hot iron... Continue Reading →

Islamic Philosophy

Islam, as believed by non-Islamic followers was founded by Prophet Muhammad (570 CE - 8 June 632 CE). He preached the essence of Monotheism. What is Islamic Philosophy? -Islamic philosophy is the systematic investigation of problems connected with life, the universe, ethics, society, and so on as conducted in the Muslim world. Who founded it? - Early philosophies came from Quran... Continue Reading →

Logic as a Branch of Philosophy

Logic comes from the Greek "logos", which has a variety of meanings including word, thought, idea, argument, account, reason or principle. It is the study of reasoning, or the study of the principles and criteria of valid inference and demonstration. It attempts to distinguish good reasoning from bad reasoning. 'NEW AND NECESSARY REASONING' - Aristotle... Continue Reading →

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