More Than You Think

I think about you, more than you think I do. I think about you when Tum hi ho plays on morning micro van rides to college, I think about you when I’m having your favorite mo:mo as lunch , I think about you when my friends start a discussion about love,  I think about you... Continue Reading →

Because I love you

Photo My eyes were blurry and heavy. I blinked. Two drops of translucent liquid dropped down my eyes on the small screen where the letters of pain had stabbed me with its rigidness. I wiped the mobile screen on my trousers and my eyes with my sleeves. That was the first time you had hurt... Continue Reading →

You will heal!

Every day I open my eyes with utter confusion of how I will be able to fight through yet another painful day. I search for an anchor to hold me up from going into the dark sea that I’ve always feared of drowning onto. Some days the anchor holds me while someday the anchor fails... Continue Reading →

“Hey, how are you?”

“Hey, how are you?” “Hmm, I’m good,” I answer and smile. Because I cannot explain the ache in my head with flashbacks of failure, words that I fear to hear, taking every breath like I’m a sinner for living, the feeling of being burden and worthless increasing as every sun sets, and the heaviness growing... Continue Reading →

To the man I love the most

Dear love, How are you? It’s funny how time changes the words that escape quietly from your lips and I should ask you question as petty as this. I do know how you are and we do talk but the ice cold pillar between us has kept us separated like oil in water. Time is... Continue Reading →

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