Doodle Diary: Week 3

So, I don’t even know whether it is the third week or not but I think it is. Anyways, I’d mentioned in my first week of my doodle diary that it had been a roller coaster ride. But what did I know about the 7.9 and 7.3 richer scale earthquake would hit Nepal with aftershocks... Continue Reading →


Doodle Diary: Week 2

So in the process of doodle diary, I never thought I would have involved a historical event in the world within the second week of my diary. The week was spent in the process of me dieting and watching videos to lose my weight. I never really cared about it but I had to have... Continue Reading →

Doodle Diary : Week 1

When I’d thought about writing doodle diary, I never thought I would have so much thoughts, ideas and realizations in just a single week. The week was a rush of feelings of which some were familiar and others an enigma. I thought about the past, present and more about my future which never ceases to... Continue Reading →

Doodle Diary!

When your thoughts soar in the gusts like that of a colorful kite with its tail swinging like a merry child, ecstasy embraces you like a loved one parted for life-time. You try to recollect those moments of contentment giving full justice to the overwhelming memory that you’ve had. The paper that you’re scribbling your... Continue Reading →

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