The letter ‘i’

The letter ‘i ‘is a poem about the lives of girls compared with the letter ‘ i’ to show that they don’t have the power to choose their identity. Everything is pre-decided. I am expected to be a small ‘i’ The lower case In my place I am expected to be a small ‘i’ Timid … Continue reading The letter ‘i’


Broken Bird

A free bird I was flying high in the sky One day I was caught In a vicious wire net I couldn’t fly away Fluttering I was Struggling crying and shouting for someone to free me Then one man came and took me out I wanted to thank him But he closed my beak He … Continue reading Broken Bird


Photo  Yet another day Darkness and light Tears and fake smiles Quest to find a reason Reason to breathe Unanticipated circumstances Unavoidable consequences Unbearable pain Unable to breathe Struggle to rise up Search for strength Seeking a reason Reason to breathe