The letter ‘i’

The letter ‘i ‘is a poem about the lives of girls compared with the letter ‘ i’ to show that they don’t have the power to choose their identity. Everything is pre-decided. I am expected to be a small ‘i’ The lower case In my place I am expected to be a small ‘i’ Timid... Continue Reading →


Broken Bird

A free bird I was flying high in the sky One day I was caught In a vicious wire net I couldn’t fly away Fluttering I was Struggling crying and shouting for someone to free me Then one man came and took me out I wanted to thank him But he closed my beak He... Continue Reading →

Love with the Wind

The wind lightly press its lips on my cheek I feel chills run down my spine It gently lifts my hair and place kisses On my ear and down my neck I shudder Every inch of my flesh feels the cold touch But I like it The strange beginning of love making The cold kisses... Continue Reading →


Photo  Yet another day Darkness and light Tears and fake smiles Quest to find a reason Reason to breathe Unanticipated circumstances Unavoidable consequences Unbearable pain Unable to breathe Struggle to rise up Search for strength Seeking a reason Reason to breathe

You Make Me Feel Beautiful

I stand in front of a full frame mirror Looking, no… Analyzing every part of my body like an observer A dissatisfied cynic I cringe at my hair A distorted wave around my forehead My flared nostrils Shape of my nose overlapping the chubby cheeks I groan in dissatisfaction For my chin seeks a companion... Continue Reading →

A Hopeless Romantic

Like a butterfly on a flower My heart flutters for your love Yet you unsee all the pain Leave me like an injured dove You say don't miss me And don't miss anyone but you Alas! don't you understand? I miss the touch of your hand? You don't care You're never there Still I imagine... Continue Reading →

The Raised Eyebrow

Photo Source Creases on the forehead With curls entangled Line of triplets it makes A subtle feature it creates One eye wide Like a curious child The other peeping Like it’s half sleeping The arched line In a perfect tight curve With line of triplets in a row The raised eyebrow.

Baby Girl

She comes to this world wrapped in blood and flesh Breaking free from the cocoon Loud shrills and cries, she’s alive Is it a curse or a boon? Gloomy face Grand pa make 'A beautiful child’, a smile he fake Mommy’s in pain Daddy’s insane Pre-delivery ecstasy gone in vain For it was skirts and... Continue Reading →

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